Goth Mobile Theme

Embrace the allure of darkness with our “Goth Mobile Theme Pack,” featuring a collection of eerie icons, widgets, and wallpapers for your Android and iOS devices.

If you find solace in the beauty of black πŸ–€ and view figures like Vampira and Morticia as icons of female beauty, then our black app icons are tailor-made for you!

The goth and gothic subculture traces its roots back to the 1980s, evolving and diversifying into various subgenres such as Gothic rock 🀘, Deathrock, and Darkwave 🎸. Today, we invite you to explore a different dimension of this macabre subculture through our goth aesthetic icons set.

At the core of Goth lies the timeless black color ⚫️, an omnipresent hue in goth widgets, icons, and wallpapers. While this somber shade sets the stage for the gothic movement, it serves as a canvas upon which the stars gleam brighter, akin to the night sky adorned with celestial jewelsβ€¦βœ¨

So, don your Victorian attire 🎩, lace up your goth boots, and embrace the allure of the ankh as we delve into the realm of ghastly beauty.

Our black and white app icons are replete with goth symbols and elements. Follow the bat πŸ¦‡, and unlock their mysterious secrets…

From skulls ☠️ and horns to pentagrams, these goth widgets and wallpapers breathe life into the eerie and oft-misunderstood themes prevalent in modern society. If you revel in such aesthetics, these icons can transform your smartphone, much like how the black color encapsulates the essence of a goth soul.

So, stay true to yourself, βœ… download these goth aesthetic app icons, and remember ☝️ – the stars shine brightest at night…πŸ’Žβš οΈ


πŸ“— For Android Install

OR Scan this QR code onΒ Theme Tool app

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πŸ“• For iOS Install

You can download this pack for iOS πŸ‘‰ HERE

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