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Introducing the “Indie Mobile Theme Pack” – the epitome of aesthetic indie icons for the ageless Hardcore Indie Kids. Feel the vibes of slalom skateboarding and the rush of air whistling by. Picture yourself chilling with your crew all night long, feeling the energy and independence.

This indie style project is designed to cater to individuals seeking uniqueness and timeless appeal. Our custom app icons set challenges the mundane world of consumption with vibrant colors that defy the ordinary. Our talented designers have elevated indie aesthetic colors to new heights, creating a palette that is both bold and eye-catching.

Explore our collection of simple and somewhat naive pictograms that depict personal and familiar elements. These icons are a reflection of individuality and self-expression.

Looking for a dash of motivation? Our indie art widgets offer just that. Whether it’s inspirational phrases or a cool cat in shades, these widgets will add a touch of confidence and independence to your screen. Just like a rainbow or a bowl of cornflakes, they exude positive vibes effortlessly.

Enhance your mobile experience with our indie wallpapers, designed with a minimalist approach to complement the overall aesthetic. These wallpapers act as the final piece of the puzzle, like a crucial bearing in a skateboard – subtle yet essential.

At “Indie Mobile Theme Pack,” we believe that good things should be shared. That’s why our Indie Kid app icons pack is free to download for both Android and iOS users. So, go ahead, give your device a fresh indie makeover with our unique theme pack. Download now and embrace the indie spirit!


πŸ“— For Android Install

OR Scan this QR code onΒ Theme Tool app

If you don’t have the app installed, install it first

πŸ“• For iOS Install

You can download this pack for iOS πŸ‘‰ HERE

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