Kuromi Mobile Theme

Cute but tough-looking animal with a girly character, Kuromi, is the main antagonist and instigator of the story in the Onegai My Melody anime series, and the central figure of the Sanrio Kuromi project. Kuromi, behind the evil mask, is actually very girly and enjoys romance novels.

Kuromi and her companion Baku, as villains, were imprisoned by the king of Mari Land. However, they managed to escape using a dangerous magical artifact, the Melody Key, and appeared in the form of these Kuromi icons. The power of the key allows them to transform good people’s wishes into bad ones, creating Black Notes. One hundred black notes can reincarnate the Spirit of Dark Power, capable of destroying both Mari Land and our world.

This aesthetic set of Kuromi icons, wallpapers, and widgets features a blend of black and pink colors, complemented by rock elements. The Kuromi wallpaper and widgets incorporate chains, barbed wires, hearts, ice cream, and Kuromi’s cute face, creating a unique biker-girl theme.

Whether you’re a fan of pink cute skulls, kitties, and rock elements, and appreciate Sanrio creations, the Kuromi aesthetic set is tailored for you. Download now to enhance your Android or iOS device with a touch of tough loveliness. Let’s increase the number of Pink Notes in the world and help save Mari Land!


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