Trippy Mobile Theme

Welcome, mobile theme seekers! Have you ever experienced the sensation of tasting sound or smelling color? Fear not, we’re not peddling illicit substances. Introducing our latest creation: the Aesthetic Trippy App Icons pack! Dive into unseen realms and encounter mind-bending forms with this innovative project. Drawing inspiration from surrealism and psychedelia, this pack features extraordinary shapes and an array of vibrant colors.

The primary aim of this pack is to push the boundaries of your phone screen, allowing you to transcend the ordinary. If you perceive and appreciate the world through a similar lens, then this pack is tailor-made for you. Embracing the ethos of hippies, surrealism, and psychedelia, this collection serves as a form of artistic rebellion, challenging the norms of mainstream society.

Art has the power to transform the soul, and in turn, shape individuals. It is through this personal metamorphosis that societal change occurs. Our intention is not to incite protests, but rather to encourage a shift in perspective by simply adorning your device with these trippy aesthetic images and icons.

Begin your journey by exploring these mesmerizing trippy drawings, featuring fluid forms, mushrooms, and flowers that symbolize adaptability and boundless creativity. Let these captivating wallpapers inspire you to aspire to new heights, and let the vibrant colors fuel your imagination.

Don’t overlook the significance of widgets, which act as a roller coaster ride for your subconscious, oscillating between eerie and delightful, strange and whimsical images that can invigorate your smartphone experience.

Lastly, our custom app icons are the cherry on top, offering iOS 14 users a gateway to a world of possibilities. Your trip, whether literal or metaphorical, is entirely up to you. Press the download button to embark on this captivating journey. Let the trippy adventure begin!


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πŸ“• For iOS Install

You can download this pack for iOS πŸ‘‰ HERE

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