Windows 95 Mobile Theme

Windows 95, the legendary operating system that revolutionized Microsoft’s technology landscape, has recently celebrated its 27th birthday. This iconic system introduced a vast number of people to the Internet and personal computing, leaving an indelible mark on the way we engage with technology today.

For those who hold a special reverence for the nostalgia of the 90s era, we have meticulously recreated the beloved Windows 95 aesthetic into a mobile theme pack. Immerse yourself in the retro charm of this iconic era with our collection of app icons, widgets, and wallpapers that pay homage to the classic Windows 95 design.

Technological advancements have progressed rapidly since the era of Windows 95, and now, we offer you the chance to transform your mobile device into a vintage computer with the Windows 95 OS experience. Transport yourself back in time with error windows, pixelated icons, and lush green backgrounds that defined the visual language of the 90s.

In this free theme pack, you will find a curated selection of icons that capture the essence of Windows 95, bringing a touch of nostalgia to your modern Android or iOS device. Embrace the retro vibes and relive the magic of the past with each tap on your screen.

By incorporating elements from Windows 95 into your mobile device, you can elevate your user experience and stand out from the crowd. Step back in time and enjoy the quirky charm of this iconic operating system on your Android or iOS device.

Transform your mobile experience with our Windows 95 theme pack and make a statement that sets you apart from the ordinary. Embrace the past while staying connected to the present with a touch of vintage flair on your device.


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